magic or deception

Sales in the USA
During the sale (Sale) prices for goods are reduced by 20-60%. Held at the end of the season and for various holidays and are very popular among Americans. A very…

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Price tags and supermarkets. How did Frank Woolworth create them?
We are so used to price tags and supermarkets that we can’t imagine modern trade without them. We think it always has been. Reads Yuri Bering No, no, and again…


US Shops
Electronics First of all, the technique of Apple. The difference in price for the IPhone, iPad, MacBook and others in comparison with Russian stores can be from 20 to 50%…

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Cheap shopping abroad

Cheap shopping abroad. How to find it, and what can be purchased? About this do not write on the Internet regular articles and do not tell in any TV program.
desheviy_shopping Since I often go to different countries of Europe and cannot do without shopping, then for me every trip is an expectation of new purchases. To go to an expensive store and buy, for example, a ready-made look, which stylistic consultants will help you with, may not be affordable for everyone. Yes, and there is nothing interesting in this. Continue reading


Before you start talking about shopping in London, you should distinguish between three groups of “Rousseau tourist”. The first, not numerous, but very wealthy, belongs to the “classical” category of people, for whom shopping is a kind of illness on a psychological level. The prices do not matter, the main thing is to buy! Continue reading

English supermarkets

Major major supermarkets are Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer. They can buy meat, fish, vegetables, fresh bread, dairy products, household chemicals, ready-made salads and dishes. The latter has a division into stores selling food and clothing.
It is a little large supermarkets, they are located far from the center. Most shops are located within walking distance of these networks. They have a good selection of fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and sweets. Continue reading

Shopping in london tips

For some reason, everyone who speaks or writes about shopping in London begins their story or article with an overview of expensive places such as Selfridges department store on Oxford Street or very expensive even at European prices on Bond Street boutiques.
One gets a false impression as if they out there themselves buy: a scarf for 300 pounds, gloves for 400, a knitted pidorka for 150 – that’s your collection for the Russian winter. Continue reading

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Children's shopaholism: why is it so relevant?
Almost all parents are faced with the fact that the grown-up child more and more often starts talking about new clothes. By asking for a completely unnecessary (in the parents'…


How do supermarkets trade? Pass to return
Notice that industrial and household goods in the hypermarket are located not far from the entrance? This is because a buyer aimed at buying food, putting bread and milk in…

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