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Shopping in the USA
USA is the dream of any real shopaholic! In this country, fantastic conditions await him: in thousands of giant shopping centers, millions of products are sold at very attractive prices.…

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In Paris on sale! Where and how to spend the money?
Thoughtfully going over hangers with outfits in your closet, you suddenly find out once again that there is literally nothing to wear! Summer is about to joyfully burst into your…


Buyer syndrome. How to deal with it?
More recently, foreign marketing experts published the results of their sociological research. According to a survey among American schoolchildren and young people, it was revealed that 89% of them cannot…

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Sales in New York

The biggest sales in New York are in the winter and summer, as well as in the few days before big holidays, such as Independence Day on July 4th, Labor Day (Labor Day) – the first weekend of September, February 14th, Easter, Day Memorial Day – the last weekend of May. The biggest sales in New York take place in the period before Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving Day) – the fourth Thursday of November, and up to the new year. Continue reading

What and where to buy in America

What could be better shopping in New York? The cherished word “SALE” makes the hearts of all fashionistas and fashionistas thrill, and sales of designer clothes, shoes, accessories, perfumes and jewelry can be found in the USA all year round – shops, boutiques and shopping centers spend them at the end of each fashion season and on the eve of holidays. In addition, the desired label “SALE” is supplied with items left in expensive stores in a single copy or simply not sold on time. Continue reading