magic or deception

How to make friends with the wardrobe?
There are people who shopping is a real pleasure. They can spend hours looking at things on mannequins, compare them, compare them, combine something, and finally be able to buy…

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Shopping Should I listen to the advice of sellers?
Who, when and how did he convince me that this fanciful pseudo-leather jacket “snake-like” of a monstrous greenish tinge suits me? To whom I laid out a serious amount for…


Profitable purchase of brand cosmetics
Recently, many of us have an urgent need to save money. But how can one refuse brand perfumery and cosmetics? For the modern woman - no way. When we asked…

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How to fill the refrigerator with food?

It all starts back in the supermarket. The shelves here can be arranged as you please, but the correct route is as follows: first everything that is not related to food (detergents, paper shawls, etc.) and groceries (sauces, vegetable oil, drinks, pasta, etc.), then – fruits and vegetables that are laid out on uncooled shelves, and then – what is sold chilled: dairy products, meat, sausages, fish. Continue reading

Price tags and supermarkets. How did Frank Woolworth create them?

We are so used to price tags and supermarkets that we can’t imagine modern trade without them. We think it always has been. Reads Yuri Bering No, no, and again no! The name of the inventor of the price tag history, fortunately, retained. His name was Frank Woolworth, a shy country boy who became a multimillionaire. Continue reading