magic or deception

Before you start talking about shopping in London, you should distinguish between three groups of "Rousseau tourist". The first, not numerous, but very wealthy, belongs to the “classical” category of…

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Cheap shopping abroad
Cheap shopping abroad. How to find it, and what can be purchased? About this do not write on the Internet regular articles and do not tell in any TV program.…


How do supermarkets trade? Do not rush!
Is it again that the "cunning traders" deceived the buyer, lured him out of the "hard earned"? Not at all. No deception, continuous "sleight of hand" of modern sellers selling…

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How to fill the refrigerator with food?

It all starts back in the supermarket. The shelves here can be arranged as you please, but the correct route is as follows: first everything that is not related to food (detergents, paper shawls, etc.) and groceries (sauces, vegetable oil, drinks, pasta, etc.), then – fruits and vegetables that are laid out on uncooled shelves, and then – what is sold chilled: dairy products, meat, sausages, fish. Continue reading

Price tags and supermarkets. How did Frank Woolworth create them?

We are so used to price tags and supermarkets that we can’t imagine modern trade without them. We think it always has been. Reads Yuri Bering No, no, and again no! The name of the inventor of the price tag history, fortunately, retained. His name was Frank Woolworth, a shy country boy who became a multimillionaire. Continue reading