What and where to buy in America
What could be better shopping in New York? The cherished word "SALE" makes the hearts of all fashionistas and fashionistas thrill, and sales of designer clothes, shoes, accessories, perfumes and…

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How do supermarkets trade? Holiday on the trading floor
Is there a holiday without music? Of course not. Unobtrusive, moderately loud music accompanies the buyer in all corners of many supermarkets, distracting from everyday worries, creating a good mood.…


Should I buy a mink coat on credit? Thinking out loud
Argued recently with one girl. The subject of our dispute was the question: “Should I buy a mink coat on credit?” This is not about the very possibility of such…

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bad store

English supermarkets

Major major supermarkets are Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer. They can buy meat, fish, vegetables, fresh bread, dairy products, household chemicals, ready-made salads and dishes. The latter has a division into stores selling food and clothing.
It is a little large supermarkets, they are located far from the center. Most shops are located within walking distance of these networks. They have a good selection of fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and sweets. Continue reading

Shopping in london tips

For some reason, everyone who speaks or writes about shopping in London begins their story or article with an overview of expensive places such as Selfridges department store on Oxford Street or very expensive even at European prices on Bond Street boutiques.
One gets a false impression as if they out there themselves buy: a scarf for 300 pounds, gloves for 400, a knitted pidorka for 150 – that’s your collection for the Russian winter. Continue reading

What is a hypermarket, and what you need to know about it?

As stated in many dictionaries, a hypermarket is a store with an area of ​​over 20 thousand square meters, with a high degree of mechanization and automation of loading and unloading operations, intended for the sale of relatively large quantities of goods in container packages of the manufacturer. Indeed, in our new century, hypermarkets are very popular among the population. Continue reading

In Paris on sale! Where and how to spend the money?
Thoughtfully going over hangers with outfits in your closet, you suddenly find out once again that there is literally nothing to wear! Summer is about to joyfully burst into your…


Are you aware of online resources that help you buy goods cheaply?
The acquisition of a variety of goods via the Internet has become familiar to most Russians. Firstly, it is convenient - not to leave the house and go shopping, and…

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